Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great MLK Jr. Day 2012 Clean-Up Event

Irv Sheffey of the DC Sierra Club sent out this message as a summary of the great work and spirit on January 16th, 2012 at the 6th Annual Pope Branch Park & Stream Clean-Up event:

I want to thank everyone who supported and participated in yesterday’s 6th Annual MLK Day Clean-Up of Pope Branch Park in Ward 7. Eighty-two volunteers from all around the neighborhood, city and region came together to remove trash and debris from in and around the park, the creek (a tributary to the Anacostia) and surrounding neighborhoods. Each year we see more and more improvement in the cleanliness of the park and I attribute it to the quality of care demonstrated at this event and one we hold in the spring. Yesterday we removed 6,000 pounds of trash and debris from the streets and park. The community and the river are the direct beneficiaries of that effort; not a simple accomplishment.

I’m always amazed at the volunteers who come out, typically in very cold weather, to help in polishing this little gem of a park in southeast. These are people, some coming from afar, who could have chosen to be home, spending time with their families, watching TV and generally keeping warm. They chose to be out in our community making a difference in the spirit of Dr. King, proving his legacy lives on.

Thank you each and everyone.

Irv Sheffey

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