Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Happy holidays everyone!

As we enter this season of good cheer I want to suggest that you start racking up “good deeds” for the year to come – you never know when Santa starts putting his list together. As you begin planning 2010 please place this event on your calendar and come out and help in putting a bit of shine on your community. We will be out rain or snow on MLK Day unless we encounter a blizzard similar to the one we just experienced. Even though its winter time, I can assure you that once we get started you’ll warm up. We will be clearing trash and debris from the park and the surrounding neighborhood, removing invasive plants that choke out native trees and shrubs, inventorying where street trees are needed, planting ten trees in the park and marking drains with plaques indicating that they lead to the Anacostia River and to not dump into them.. This event will qualify for DC Public School service credits so if you know a student, let them know about this opportunity. We’ll have donuts and hot coffee to warm you up throughout the day. We look forward to seeing you on January 18th. Contact me by email or at the numbers below and please pass the word.

Take care


tel: 202-575-1469
cell: 202-299-6503

e-mail: irv.sheffey@ sierraclub. org

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Victor said...

A community banding together to help their environment, and at the same time, better their quality of living is always a joy to hear about. It's good to know that Pope Branch stream is taken care of, much like the case for Ogden, wherein Gadi Leshem heads the restoration project.