Saturday, August 25, 2007

Outreach ideas, Irv Sheffey

Dear Alliance Member,

As part of our publicity and outreach efforts to people who live around Pope Branch Park, we are conducting a “virtual brainstorming” session. Following is a list of a few ideas on how we can conduct reach out to the community and enroll them into the activities of the Pope Branch Park Restoration Alliance. Consider these ideas as simply being “seeds” to get the conversation started. I’ve included a few basic rules that apply to brainstorming to guide us. Keep in mind that the sky is the limit, so brainstorm away. Add an idea or two or three (or more) to the existing list and reply to all so that others can see what you’ve generated. Review the postings by others from time to time and continue to add again and again, each time “replying to all” to keep the ball rolling. I will compile all the suggestions into a master list and publish it after the Alliance’s next meeting.

Following are some rules related to brainstorming:
We are attempting to collect as many ideas as possible from all participants with no criticisms or judgments made while ideas are being generated.
All ideas are welcome no matter how silly or far out they seem. Be creative. The more ideas the better because at this point you don't know what might work.
All ideas are equally valid at this point.
Build on others' ideas.
Don’t limit yourself

Some ideas:
1. go door to door to homes along the creek, ask neighbors what they would like to see happen in and around Pope Branch Park
2. conduct a poll
3. ask neighbors to adopt-a-spot within the park to keep clean and free of invasive plants
4. host a community cook out; celebrate the park
5. post signs along the edges of the park informing the community that “we all live in a watershed”; create ownership
6. drain stenciling
7. sponsor an art show; painting and drawings of the park by local children & adults (possibly with local schools and/or churches)
8. poetry contest; peoples reflections of the park and nature
9. art contest to design a logo for the Alliance
10. Encourage local Civic Associations (Dupont Park, Penn Branch Citizens/Civic Association and Fort Davis) to assist us in getting the word out and recruiting new members.
11. 11. Encourage local churches to assist us in getting the word out and recruiting new members.
12. 12. Plan cleanup(s) and invite community residents along the park, as well as non residential groups. Plan an incentive for local residents to turn out.

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