Sunday, November 19, 2006

Streamwalk minutes fun

In attendance: Joseph Glover, Trinh Doan, Pat Bailey, Tom Arrasmith

Tour start time was 8:30 AM at the intersection of Fairlawn Ave and M St.

(1) Brief Introduction/Background of Pope Branch Subwatershed: Pope Branch is a federal park and a tributary to the Anacostia River. It starts downstream from Fort Davis Drive and flows NW for 1.5 miles. The stream flows underneath Branch and Minnesota Avenues and the CSX rail line area by piped sections. Boundaries include Penn Branch to the south, Fort Dupont Park to the north and Section E of Anacostia Park to the west. Nearby schools include Anne Beers ES, Randall Highlands ES, Sousa MS, Kramer MS and Anacostia HS.

(2) Problems found during the walk: bank erosion, lots of meanderings of stream due to sediment build up – needs some realignment, one large fallen tree over the streambank – too many small fallen trees, invasive plants (Kudzu, Japanese knotweed and English ivy), trash, one collapsed culvert under M Street, aging sewer lines and bank slumping.

(3) Positive observations found during the walk: healthy young trees put in by Casey Trees, many healthy mature trees, sections at the headwaters of Pope Branch are forested, great vegetation coverage in most banks and nice weather for the walk, especially at this time because the poison ivy are dormant.

(4) Project Ideas discussed during the walk:

- Outreach effort to support Pope Branch: finding nearby schools/teachers to involve in plant stewardship and eventual planting of trees along the streambank as part of the restoration work. These efforts include invasive removal, tree planting and school activities.

- Revitalize the Pope Branch Park and Creek Annual Clean up event that will happen sometimes in May 2007.

- Rebuild the collapsed culvert.

Next Tour will be in the Spring 2007

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